He Can Take a Hit

You’re a loose cannon, Genericowski. You’re off the case, turn in your shield and your weapon.

In Signal Ops, the Shield agent is a combat specialist. Skilled with almost all weapons and able to survive more hits, he is the agent most suitable for direct confrontation. Using the blast shield he is able to withstand direct fire and act as mobile cover. Expecting some heavy resistance? Shield is the agent you want on point. Even when using a weapon, the blast shield on his back can provide protection from the rear.

Recently we’ve been hard at work on the bombs that another one of your agents uses, but you’ll have to wait to hear all about that. Shhh!

Well that’s all, go clean out your locker!

4 thoughts on “He Can Take a Hit”:

  1. The character design is stunning, love the style.

    In this screen shot I see the main view is someone looking at Shield. The top right view is looking through the shield, so is that what is currently behind Sheild, as it’s on his back? And the bottom left view is Shield’s forward view?

  2. I see how this screenshot may seem confusing, my bad.

    for the purposes of this image we spawned several shield agents in order to show many angles of him. It might be helpful to also note that the shield agent can use his blast shield as a weapon to protect from the front, not just behind (that’s what monitor 2 is showing).

    Hope that clears things up a bit, thanks for askin’

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