In Sickness and in Stealth

Half of the development team is sick!

What is it? The plague? We can’t know for sure, but the area has been quarantined.

On the technical front we added a big feature to our export process. We need to use texture atlases (that’s when you pack a bunch of textures into one big one) for performance reasons, but that makes it difficult to use for tiling textures such as those used on the ground or walls. The solution was to build an extra step into our exporter that automatically slices up the geometry into nice tile-sized pieces and maps the small part we want out of the big atlas texture onto them. With much bemoaning and lamentation on the part of the programmer, the new feature was implementing and there was much rejoicing on the part of the artist.

Looking back on the past week, suspicion is growing that all the hard work put into this new technical marvel is one of the root causes of the sickness. The other theory is zombism. In any case, if you see us growing extra arms or eating brains, just toss a match on the big pool of gasoline and we’ll snuff it. Well, that or lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

For richer or poorer,

- Space Bullet Illness Absorbing Department

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