None of Us is as Smart as All of Me

A wise man once said that the path to greatness is with others. You employ this methodology in Signal Ops. Well… except you’re sort of not really there with the them… and they’re kind of the ones risking their lives while you are safely back at headquarters… but other than that, exactly the same!

One of the things we’ve been working on this past week is the squad selection and load-out screen. Originally we had planned to predefine which agents you control in each mission, but then we saw the light! “Why not give some choice in the selection of agents?”, we posited. As you progress through the game, the composition of your squad will become more flexible. Just then, a gnome who lives in the bushes outside the window chimed in, “Why stop there?”. We took the little guy’s advice and added the ability to pick which weapons your agents will start the mission with.

You customize your squad using the clipboard interface. Just click around on there and BAM!, stuff happens. You never realized how awesome you are at clicking stuff until this moment. Really, give yourself a pat on the back. You got a gift.

Agent selection with the clipboard interface.

- Space Bullet Department of Options Exploration and Exploitation

2 thoughts on “None of Us is as Smart as All of Me”:

    • That’s a great idea. It means the missions become really replayable, with players seeing if they can complete them without certain agents or equipment. Good stuff!

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