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Today is International Literacy Day. That means you should go learn how to read, then come back and read this update. Yeah, there are some pretty moving pictures and sounds to delight the ears, but come on, read it.

Speaking of reading, it’s been an exciting week for sure reading a lot of people’s reactions to seeing Signal Ops. Since posting Signal Ops up on Steam Greenlight, over 40,000 people have had a look, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Mysterious percentage-wise, we are sitting at 3%, which doesn’t sound like much, but actually nestles us up in the top 50 Greenlight projects.

This past week we’ve been working on the Parade level that is featured in our new trailer. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out now:

Some other new additions you can see in the trailer are:
- the pretty new “hand” cursor that is used to interact with the clipboard and swap monitors around
- the field of view (zoom) smoothly transitions when switching in and out of ironsights
- wheels on vehicles now spin, suspension of disbelief is restored!
- the direction of particle effects like sparks and blood are fixed, they were facing the wrong way before (editor’s note: this was actually fixed after the trailer footage was recorded)

One of the things you won’t notice in the trailer is that the game is much more stable now. We’ve been working hard squishing all the annoying little bugs to get the game ready for the next testing run.

If you listened carefully, you might have also noticed some new audio filters on the agents’ voices.
We wanted a distinctive radio transmission effect that will not only add some character to the game, but also lets you differentiate between an agent you are controlling vs. one you are not, and one that is in range vs. one that is out of range.

The first clip is an agent you are directly controlling and has good signal:

The second clip is an agent you are not controlling and is out of range:

Anyways, we hope you used your ears to read those. Get well soon.

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