Scope out the Scope Agent!

Sometimes you want to take a stealthy approach, and sometimes you need to do some shooting. Ah, the dilemmas we face in these modern times. The Scope agent does well in both areas, but at different extremes of distance!

From far away, Scope is the most accurate of any agent with his sniper rifle. Naturally, it makes a lot of noise. You’ll want to fire and move unless you have an agent who is more adept at dealing with the enemies who will come to investigate.

At close range, the Scope has the special ability of using any melee weapon as a deadly throwing weapon. Knives? Yep. Hammer? Sure. Pie? Who knows! It sure comes in handy when you need to take out an enemy quietly, but he’s out of range for a melee attack. The Scope also moves a little faster than the others, which can help with sneaking up on patrolling enemies to hold them up.

Other things we’ve been working at here in the “office” are hand signals, which will make your agents look professional times two, and new real-time filters for the power-finder device.

We just put in the throwing weapon feature today, so there is still some work to do, but we put together a little video just for you:

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