Back to School, Old-Style

Those young rattlers and their whiz-bangs these days. When I was a youngster we just had rocks, and it cost a month’s pay just to look at them!
Some games try to make themselves seem intuitive by taking away your choices as a player. Not Signal Ops! Decision-making (AKA strategy) is a big part of playing Signal Ops.

You are not some sort of modern-day Pac-Man, eating up little “move here now” objective markers every few feet. In Signal Ops there is a map, and you will need to actually look at it to see where the objectives are and plan out where you want to move. The map also shows you where you have signal range and the location of your agents. The map is found in your clipboard. This is what it looks like:

We have fond memories of split-screen gaming, and because of the multi-perspective interface in Signal Ops those good times can be had once again. Another similarly old-school feature we have is non-regenerating health. We give you a sense of “lives” by being able to call in reinforcements. Let’s not forget that Signal Ops will have a good old regular save system. No checkpoints here!

We hope you will enjoy our “gameplay first” development methodology. Till next time.

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