Crash Through to the Future

It’s been a while, but here it is: your latest dose of Signal Ops news.

First of all, we hope everyone had a great 2012. Ours was pretty busy, and we’re looking forward to having a bit of time off this year between shipping Signal Ops and getting started on something new! Yes, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. All the bits and bobs are coming together. We’re pretty sure you’re gonna love it when you can get your mitts all over it on March 7th (absolutely positively maybe the final date!).

So what have we been working on, specifically?

For starters we swapped out the whole physics system, making the game very solid in terms of stability while improving performance at the same time.

We like kicking doors a lot, so we decided to add that into the game. Now it’s just like real life.

Of course there were also some great improvements to pathfinding, allowing agents and enemies alike to navigate though some pretty complex environments.

Another area we spent time improving was the tutorial section. With gameplay mechanics that are unusual to say the least, it was a daunting task. We needed a training mission that was detailed enough to make sure players understand how the key concepts in Signal Ops work, but with the extra fat trimmed off so you won’t get all comatose on us. Things like highlighted HUD elements will help you absorb all knowledge ever as efficiently as possible.

See you sooner!

4 thoughts on “Crash Through to the Future”:

    • We’ve been hovering between 20th-30th position, making progress towards the top as each new batch of games is selected, so we expect to be on Steam, just not in time for release. Signal Ops will be available for sale through other channels, and we should be announcing more about that soon.

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