Tuesday is coming, bring your coat!

It’s the 28th! Where’s that Signal Ops at?

Well, we found a couple last minute bugs and we would feel terrible if the game shipped with those in there, so we’ve decided to hold off shipping until they are fixed up.

The next available release date from our distributor is Tuesday, April 2nd, so it looks like that is when Signal Ops will finally be making its debut. Our most humble apologies if you were looking forward to playing Signal Ops this weekend.

Hey, speaking of distribution… we are happy to reveal that Signal Ops will be available DRM free, exclusively on GOG.com at launch.

Your Tax Dollars At Work

We wanted to share an inside look at what sort of stuff we’re doing with the extra time we got from delaying the game from the original release date about a month ago. One of the tools we’ve developed to improve your experience playing Signal Ops is called the Navmesh Autotester. What it does is run the game in a special mode that spawns thousands of agents and runs them around each level. Normally it just outputs text while it runs, but that’s no fun, so we made a video:

The Autotester detects when and where agents get stuck and records the location and path they were on when they got stuck. Once the test is complete, we load the data into Softimage, which is the 3D software we use to create the levels and other models you see in the game.

In the picture on the left, we see a visual representation of all the problem paths. On the right, we’ve made some adjustments to the navigation mesh (“navmesh”) that the AI uses to get from place to place and run the test again.

We repeat the process until all but the most obscure issues are fixed. Using this technique we’ve been able to fix up to 95% of agents getting stuck in each level.

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