Signal Ops on Steam!

Steam Logo and Linux Penguin

The time has come at last.

Signal Ops has launched on the “ultimate entertainment platform”, Steam! And what’s this? Signal Ops also now runs on the ultimate free operating system, Linux! We love those little penguins! We’ve added some great Steam-specific features such as achievements (48 of em!), cloud saves, and trading cards. Of course we didn’t stop with just that! We’ve also included numerous fixes and improvements to Signal Ops, here are just a few of them:

  • All configuration settings are now available from within the game, no need to run an external config program. This also means the game is fully usable with just a gamepad.
  • Gamepads are now remappable, and you can create a different mapping for each type of gamepad. You can also swap monitors with the gamepad now.
  • Mouse support in the menu, click away!
  • Adjust the FOV of the agents’ monitors.
  • Networking improvements. Multiple users on the same local network can now join the same remote game. The game now checks to make sure everyone has the same version.

During launch week the game will be available at a 20% discount.
Click below to make with the buying!

7 thoughts on “Signal Ops on Steam!”:

      • I see, well the game is in my library on GOG, they put the updates to the games there so they should be able to tell you who has purchased your game from them (possibly add a key to my library). I also have my paypal order receipt and my GOG unique order number that can be used as references.

        It’s good marketing/advertising get the steam keys out there to people that have the game already. If I were to play the game launched via Steam all my friends would see I have the game and that I play it. As it stands now, no one knows I have/play the game at all.

        Anyways just some thoughts..will let you get back to work.

        Good luck with sales hope you guys do well!

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