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Radios, Signal, and Power

One of the key concepts in Signal Ops is that your agents are far away from headquarters, and they stay in contact with you through radios. Agents need to stay within range of a radio in order to broadcast their video feed back to your monitors. If they go out of range, their screens will get more static on them the farther out of range they are, until eventually you won’t be able to see anything.

The Bolt agent is very important because he carries the radio on his back. The radio only has so much battery power though, so he needs to use his power-finder device to seek out power sources to plug into and charge the radio up. These power sources also greatly increase the signal range of the radio, so you can explore a much larger area. But, that doesn’t mean Bolt needs to hang around babysitting the radio while everyone else gets to have fun! He can plug into a power source and set down the radio, then go about his business without worrying about the battery draining.

In some missions there will only be one radio, while others have additional radios you can find and use for your squad.

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